Meg are Lo-Fi Electro Indie Rock Pop from Kidderminster of all places. Now 5 years young and still containing all original members, Rob Geraghty (guitar/vocals) and Matt Pimm (keyboards/guitars), Tom Games (drums) and Allan Thombs (bass) – all improved and well seasoned from years of gigging. Meg are named after a much loved but somewhat irritating black cat.

Meg’s sound has been described as “Sounding like a cross between Grandaddy and Pavement with analogue keyboards creating a Pac Man fighting Weezer over a Lo-Fi groove”. Meg draw on influences from a weird collection of bands ranging from the mainstream to the obscure and have fashioned a sound that Pete (from And What Will Be Left Of Them?) described in the NME as 'playing music at a slight tangent to the universe'.

Meg were approached by Gavin Monaghan (John Peel Sessions/Idlewild/Mercury Rev/Babes In Toyland) of Magic Garden Studios to record their first demo after watching one of their legendary live shows. The Meg live experience has seen them play from Lancaster University, Aberystwyth University, Bristol and across to the Camden Underworld in London supporting Quasi, Jarcrew & Grandscope among others on the way.

Meg have finished recording 2 EP’s the first of which You’re The Teacher was released at Meg’s 5th birthday party in late 2006. The title track was edited, mixed and mastered by Andy Taylor (Editors, King Adora, Miss Black America). The second EP, Lego Hair EP will be released later this year.

‘I don't know of another band that are quite like Meg. Meg take their time, they like to get things just right - perfectionists and innovators, Meg don't always do what you'd expect them to! I'm shocked, hooked and reeled in now; superb stuff’ Rating : 10. Toxic Pete’s Music Reviews

’So brilliantly indie that it's almost painful. Layers and layers of loud guitars, topped off with some pleasant keyboarding and quiet-loud-quiet-LOUD tunes in true corduroy-flares fashion. Still, Meg certainly are different from pretty much anything you might have heard before. Diehard indie-kids, you're gonna love them. Actually, doesn't matter if you aren't, you just might love them, anyway!’ Miuzik E-Zine

’Local cult favourites’ Will Munn

Lego Hair EP

This is the second slice of Meg action we’ve been sent since we started writing reviews, and it’s equally as joyous as the first. Sugary Lo-Fi Indie Pop with the dark undercurrent of the eternally suffering geek. Song about girls, songs about chips, songs about Star Trek and songs about having hair like Lego men. It sounds insane, and it is, but it’s a special kind of insane that makes you wish you were from Kidderminster too (almost).

You're The Teacher EP

Meg's rather unique take on what, I suppose, could be described as electro/indie/rock is out there on its own. I don't know of another band that are quite like Meg. Meg take their time, they like to get things just right - perfectionists and innovators, Meg don't always do what you'd expect them to! Another fact quite clealry demonstrated here.

Opening with 'Kelly, You're The Teacher' and instantly Meg grabbed me. What a great track! It'd make a great single release! Immediately I felt and heard the maturity now pouring out. Still quite simplistic but so well proportioned. Meg, I wasn't always hooked by your material but I'm shocked, hooked and reeled in now; superb stuff. And so to 'My Girl Wants To Fuck My Best Friend' - and once again guys, you've come up trumps. Although the track sometimes feels just a little cluttered it works very well. Hey guys, two out of two - let's go for the hat-trick! 'Volatile', and what can I say? Boy, you guys have come of age! This one has a feel a bit like Kraftwerk meets New Order but with balls! A gutsy riff and not too obvious variations make this a bit of an odd one but a great worker. Surely you can't make it four out of four can you? Well, 'Firework In Progress' is like nothing I've ever heard before from Meg. Is there a hint of country in there? Hey, you've done it guys! Four from four - what more can I say?

Meg have a great following and they won't be disappointed with the 'You're The Teacher EP'. All the experimental elements are still there. The simple still meets the diverse. But, I feel that Meg will draw in even more fans with this little beauty. Meg are alive and kicking! Meg are growing and maturing. Meg, I like it!!

Toxic Pete